Firm History

The founder of Sullivan, Admire & Sullivan, P.A., John C. Sullivan (1890-1957), began his Florida practice in 1923. A Coral Gables resident, John Sullivan represented George Merrick and the Coral Gables Corporation on many occasions. He was one of the founders of Coral Gables Federal in 1934 where he served on the Board of Directors and as legal counsel until his death in 1957.

His son-in-law, Jack G. Admire, joined him in the practice in 1950 followed by his son, John C. Sullivan, Jr. in 1956. After Mr. Sullivan’s death, Jack G. Admire and John C. Sullivan, Jr. practiced together as Sullivan, Admire & Sullivan, a partnership. Sullivan, Admire & Sullivan P.A. was incorporated in 1972. John G. Admire joined the firm in 1979 and Robert O. Admire (1961-2006) in 1987.